Replica Chopard L.U.C XPS Twist QF Fairmined

Both with the eternal classic atmosphere of L.U.C series, and both modern distorted abstract design and a little bit of Fair Trade … Yes, that is why the watch industry can not take care of social development and environmental protection issues? Take a look at this year’s Basel watch show brought by Chopard Replica Chopard LUC XPS Twist QF Fairmined watch it, a line with ethical standards, with the most pure sense of elegance resonate with the limited edition ultra-thin timepieces, The interior is equipped with fine micro-pendulum movement, it is entirely by the “moral exploitation” of the rose gold material to build.

The new Replica Chopard L.U.C XPS Twist QF Fairmined watch is a very tempting ultra-thin chronograph. Its appearance can be vividly demonstrated the series has been classic and elegant design concept, while the disk on the novel distortion of the theme, but also appropriate interpretation of the brand different design perspective. Interestingly, however, the crown was placed in the 4 o’clock position, but it also further effectively deepened the first time to see it inside the curiosity of the heart.

There is no doubt that an ultra-thin timepiece, the main reason is because of its internal ultra-thin self-winding movement of the use. 40mm size is very comfortable to wear, and for the dressing table, the size is very appropriate. Brand for the details of this table is the focus on the description: the vertical side of the case side by satin matte treatment, and the table and the back of the table is the use of polishing process. In the back of the table engraved with Fairmined words, meaning that the watch is used by the gold material from the non-governmental organizations responsible for the Mining Union under the command of the mining industry and small mining organizations.

“This certification ensures that the gold material is mined in a responsible manner during the manual mining process, that the miners are treated fairly and that the environment is properly developed and that the purchasers will re-enter part of the premium income in addition to the fixed gold price. In order to ensure that the internal use of the “fair mining” certification of traceability of raw materials, Chopard in the Geneva workshop to set up special procedures. “Fair mining “The certified gold material is never confused with other alloys, and even the waste is treated separately.”

The new is the Cal.LUC 96.09-L self-winding movement, it passed the Fleurie quality certification and COSC Swiss official observatory certification of the double movement, powerful Where the words are too good. This ultra-thin movement is equipped with a 22k gold micro-pendulum, vibration frequency of 4Hz, double barrel stack stack design can provide 65 hours of power reserve, but also can provide a more stable energy supply The Like other L.U.C movement, it is equally excellent in terms of workmanship: Geneva stripes, exquisite chamfers, round bales on the main splint and polished screws, etc., excellence, nuanced. Harsh certification created such a beautiful inner, the wearer through the sapphire through the bottom cover to watch carefully.

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