Miss the old days – Replica Longines Heritage Pocket Watch

As early as more than a century ago, the famous Swiss watchmaker Longines will be a long tradition of watchmaking and experience, devoted to the elegant adventure on the railway. Today, Longines from the long tabulation history to draw inspiration, launched Longines railroad pocket watch. This steel pocket watch to the history of the railway watch as a prototype, the railway boom of the times to reproduce the world. Longines railroad watch presents a simple and very unique design. As the railway is not only a way of transportation, watches and clocks are not only used to record time: timepieces, is a fusion of mechanical movement, precision performance and long tradition of great adventure.

The vigorous rise of the railway, so that the time showing a completely different connotation: punctuality has been an unprecedented high degree of attention. And security and reliability, timing accuracy has become the railway industry to maintain the normal order of the basic conditions. And in the field of time to enjoy the widely acclaimed Longines, but also for the then Romania, Serbia, Persia, Italy, Chile, Canada, the United States, Turkey and China and other railway companies around the world timing, and become their staff of the wrist standard The In the world’s leading railways, Longines flying wing hourglass logo symbolizes the precise timing expertise.

Longines railroad watch design inspiration, from a group was born in the late 19th century, the early 20th century classic watches. Practical function and precision timing technology integration, but also vivid design style. As in the road overlooking the window, the lakes and mountains stretches endless; Longines railroad pocket watch is equipped with a local transparent table back, but also the movement of the three bridge and the balance wheel movement elegant presentation. Delicate carved decorative continuation of the classic design of the classic railway watch, so watch more charm.

Longines railroad watch will meet people’s railway feelings and Imagination. Diameter 49.5 mm stainless steel case equipped with specially designed for Longines L513.2 manual winding mechanical movement. Adhering to the practical spirit of the railway table, white polished paint painted on the dial decorated with 11 large and striking Roman numerals, in order to compare the design to ensure a clear reading. Blue steel pointer across the track-like minutes, such as a gallop of time train, more vivid to convey the design theme. The small second hand is at 6 o’clock. Stainless steel bracelet and watch the overall design complement each other.

Replica Longines Heritage Pocket Watch
Material: Stainless steel
Glass: Plexi
Back: Closed
Shape: Round
Diameter: 49.00 mm
Color: White
Indexes: Roman Numerals
Hands: Poire
Longines adaptation of the ETA / Unitas 6497
Type: Handwound
Brand: Longines
Caliber: L506
Base: ETA 6497-1
Display: Analog
Diameter: 36.60 mm
Jewels: 17
Reserve: 46 h
Frequency: 18000 bph
Time: Hours, Minutes, Small Seconds

Replica watches on Christmas and the entire winter

Pure and bright winter, cold wind is about to go, colorful neon lights bustling streets crowded streets, dazzling array of gifts filled with gorgeous dream of the window. Whether they had wanted to pick a dream for their own replica watch, and time as partners, never betray, wrist intermittent life in countless good times. Will turn into epics of the past years, will be a moment into eternal. Choose a special gift dedicated to the most precious of their own, all the warm dreams can be surprised at the moment bloom.

Winter praise modern interpretation of fashion
Design inspiration from the Milan Neo-classical architecture Emanuel II arcade of the United States and Belem Sai Li Collection series commemorative models of ultra-thin men’s replica watch, and baroque art style close integration, perfect interpretation of the traditional Italian architectural style. Ultra-thin design of the Table Smart light, equipped with automatic mechanical movement, bringing light feel. Through the sapphire transparent back, carved engraved movement at a glance. Brown calfskin rolled crocodile pattern strap and watch the body of natural convergence, so that the wearer open-minded attitude to life and meticulous life show the wrist between the taste.

Chic sportsman
On the locomotive leather infinite love of style men, meticulous and strict heart and the appearance of the cool and free and easy fitting, gestures reveal the extraordinary atmosphere. With the Beil Sai Li Collection Collection commemorative models of ultra-thin men replica watch double bezel formed by the perfect arc, to create a purely sophisticated appearance, not only avant-garde chic, more wearer highlights the swim in any occasion of the valiant, for the long Of the winter into a ray of new years of light.

Rigorous and low-key suit style highlights the perfect outline, with a retro elegant watch exudes the breath of winter dress will be the crowning touch. Beilun Sally collection of commemorative models of ultra-thin men’s watch the overall tone warm and elegant, simple case and neat lines to memorable visual enjoyment. Walking in the clarity of the winter, a touch of sun set sway, accompanied by wrist between the shine, refined charm quietly blooming inadvertently.

Interpretation of true charm
Sydney Harbor Bridge suspension cable as the source of inspiration for the US helmsman series watch is always committed to replica watch the beauty and functionality of the perfect combination of practicality. The new helmsman series Explorer multifunction chronograph watch surface diameter of 44 mm, the table body by the strong resistance to a variety of collision PVD stainless steel black-gray case and dial composition, symbolizing the indestructible self-confidence and strength. In addition, the United States to explore the full automatic mechanical watch the original texture, and avant-garde design features are also sought after by many tabulation process enthusiasts.

Tide wave men
To a fashionable dress out travel in the outdoors, as if the heart of the juvenile mind hidden in a mature man under the appearance of both coordination and collision of the charming enough to make the charm of men unstoppable. Swiss beauty of the helmsman series Explorer Quest Chronograph appearance calm and restrained, light and sensitive body table. The depth of the color depth of the embedded phase and the quality of fine sound complement each other, rich matte texture of the case material and calm heavy design style to bring unprecedented security, like the warm winter sun generally bring a long absence, warmth and touch.

Fresh and low-key, highlight the extraordinary taste
Design inspiration from the Royal Albert Hall, London, Bruner series of multi-functional chronograph, the charm of the building and the perfect combination of tabulation process, reflecting the exquisite luxury extraordinary sense. Is undoubtedly a trip to any occasion of the wild must-have items. Equipped with the United States Caliber 60 long kinetic energy storage of automatic mechanical movement, highlighting the vibrant young mind. Dial in the side of the two small dial, eye-catching but not dazzling, coupled with mercerized polished 316L stainless steel case, the overall shape design fully demonstrates the Swiss beauty of the table design philosophy and brand philosophy.

Charm of the goddess
The so-called “work of the most attractive men.” Confident and calm low-key men, at work or meetings of the occasion, must dress and accessories have a higher appeal. Dressed in elegantly tailored dress and profile-shaped jacket, with an elegant and stylish replica watch embellished slender and slender lines, seemingly clear and light, careful observation will be able to feel the clear calm of the taste. The firm and delicate heart of men will not miss any moment worthy of taste.

Air travel of people
Can achieve a variety of functions and uses a wrist timepiece in different occasions will bring a different fashion inspiration. And as both the trend of travel performance necessities, a practical function into the travel watch, is to bring out the travel avant-garde men’s style tension. The overall tone is fresh and gorgeous, bringing a good mood at the same time, but also for each travel record under a unique experience and unforgettable memories.

Diffuses man’s cham – Replica Tissot PRS 516 watches

If the world is your runway, then the city is all the track, and both are fighting the Road Museum, and see the desire to drive, style competition. With the autumn valiant, shape transformation, sportsman who line the first choice, so watch has become indispensable, the finishing touch exists. The world fans or collectors aspire to the racing world, closely related to the surrounding business opportunities not to be missed psychology, the Swiss Tissot table to create daily, but also fully demonstrate the elements of racing, and can integrate into the leisure life and the perfect timepiece of the workplace, Social fresh people are concerned about the vitality and positive, is suitable for the choice of Tissot PRS 516 series quartz chronograph watch to show the law dynamic; and as a lightly matured petty bourgeois elite, dressed in T-shirt that is a leather Kind of reckless, with charm, restrained and masculine Tissot PRS 516 series three-pin automatic style, enough to taste its details. So, a new look worthy of the Tissot PRS 516 full range of debut, watch design inherited the series since the 1960s, both the racing soul factor, and raise some of the fashionable appearance in 2016, is absolutely suitable for with the realization of sportsman: Popular, sports, introverted, personality and topics such as the five major characteristics, so you have a bright spot in the gestures.

Replica Tissot PRS 516 Powermatic 80 Automatic Watch
Powermatic 80 movement, power reserve up to 80 hours

Watch quality has always been highly acclaimed Swiss Tissot, its various theme series have their supporters, and Tissot PRS 516 series by constantly refurbished classic look, showing the innovative kinetic energy of the times, no doubt confirmed Whether it’s a time-honored race to explore the blood, or discover the dynamic endurance, the Tissot PRS 516 Series caters to your expectations and ends up with just the right personal style to control. .

Replica Tissot PRS 516 Analog Display Swiss Automatic Black Watch
• Quartz movement

2016, the new design is like Feng Lin volcanic attitude Attack volume eyes, first of all to see the crazy car and popular fanatical connection, black gold color quartz timing is definitely the first choice for autumn and winter, designed with rose gold PVD steel case echoes 1960s round hole Steering wheel black leather strap, show the perfect spirit of the game. Then, you can also exercise to upgrade, steel chain belt section containing the self-winding chronograph movement, face plate configuration harmony, the overall balance of shape, is undoubtedly both powerful and elegant quality male choice. Powermatic 80 movement equipped with stainless steel is simple and restrained, daily must, Day-Date function display are prepared, is also a good choice for mechanical entry. Another Powermatic 80 movement equipped with carbon fiber in the design of some sports more breathable, designed with black PVD case with rubber strap, and the face plate and bezel using carbon fiber processing, making the watch more light to get started. Finally, the three-stage small seconds disk models can be described as 2016 Tissot PRS 516 series highlights the most topic style, through the three-stage small seconds, date window and PRS 516 marked configuration, not only 10 minutes interval perfect placement, But also to the 1960s steering wheel and instrument panel design echoes, if the table fans flip check table back design, you can find the PRS 516 source of inspiration round hole steering wheel is also decorated on it, with a round hole leather strap just the perfect combination, all Department store anniversary this year, the best procurement focus.

Replica Tissot PRS 516 Automatic Small Second Watch
• ETA 2825-2 movement

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