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For decades, Richard Lange has represented a growing collection of watches. Richard Lange series of appropriate to the Lange’s traditional scientific observatory table flexible changes to make it advancing with the times. It was named after the eldest son of Ferdinand Adolph Lange, in particular to pay tribute. Richard Langer was born in 1845, and inherited his father, the contemporary physics, chemistry, mathematics, the latest observation, into a number of innovative technologies. The patents obtained by him, can be in the watch factory carefully crafted pocket watch.

Richard Lange Jumping Seconds in January 2016 available for the series to add a watch with Lange classic watch function. The newly developed L094.1-type homemade movement with jump seconds complex function (seconde morte), and carry the Lange patented constant power escapement system. This device uses the train wheel seconds device switching power, constant power escapement system for the constant gossamer to provide new energy. In a separate train wheel between the spring barrel and the escapement, the constant power unit compensates for the gradual reduction of spring energy. This allows the watch to maintain constant torque and stable amplitude for up to 42 hours of power storage.

Zero reset device allows the watch to quickly and smoothly synchronized with the time signal. Silver-gray timer dial at the top of the eye with a ring of seconds, lined with a diameter of 39.9 mm platinum 950 case, elegant style. Clock circle and the intersection of seconds circle Set a small window, the exhaustion of power in the watch ten hours before the red display to remind the wearer of the watch on the chain.

Movement inside carefully modified by the most stringent Lange standards, and the wearer can be through the sapphire crystal case back, watch the movement operation. Five-pointed star parts are responsible for controlling the jump seconds device, placed under the transparent sapphire bearing, and in the mirror-polished end parts of the operation. In addition, 3/4 splint hollow also allows the wearer to watch the constant power escapement system of constant gossamer, zero device lever, gossamer, clutch is also clearly visible.

Richard Lange Jumping Seconds Technical Information Supplement
Richard Lange Jumping Seconds flawless timer under the dial, hidden in the three technical characteristics: the name of the watch to jump seconds device to ensure a stable power dynamic constant escapement system, and reset the second hand for the zero device . Understanding these three features will provide a basis for in-depth understanding of Lange L094.1 self-made movement structure.

Jump second device
The jump-second device is a tradition that Lange has been in for nearly 150 years. In 1867, Saxon watchmaking pioneer Ferdinand Adolph Lange created a seconde morte device pocket watch. Pocket watch with a large sweep second hand, a minute is clearly divided into 60 steps. The second hand can be started, stopped, but not zero. The son of Richard Adam Lange, Richard and Amy innovation system, in 1877 for their installation in the 3/4 plywood on the device to apply for a patent, called “second device with a jump second movement “.

Richard Lange Jumping Seconds, launched in January 2016, has a similar principle to the original: in this historic device, the jumping seconds are controlled by jerky long levers and star gears, converting the amplitude of the balance wheel six times per second into Second hand forward beat a grid of power.

In the transparent ruby bearings under the operation of the star gear and escape wheel mandrel connected with the escapement wheel along with the axis of rotation every five seconds. Every second, a corner of the star gear loosens the tensioned lever, forming what the watchmaker calls “sudden beating.” Lever moment of rotation 360 degrees, and from the star gear next corner stop. This series of actions to make the second hand precise one cell.

Constant Power Escapement System
Main winding of the initial torque but the end of the weak torque, the formation of differences, Lange relentless search for a solution. Lange developed four different constant power transmission systems, including the sesame chain drive system introduced in 1994, and three different constant power escapement systems.

Lange 31 in the constant power escapement system in 31 days to maintain the same torque every ten seconds; Zeitwerk using powerful mainspring, instantly advancing the digital disk every minute; and carried in the Richard Lange Jumping Seconds constant power The escapement device plays two major roles: compensating for the gradual power loss of the mainspring and preventing amplitude reduction when jumping seconds. This device utilizes the switching power of the jumping seconds device in the train wheel to provide constant energy for the constant power gapping system, while the escapement system can be viewed through the windows of the wheel bridge plate. In a separate train wheel between the winding barrel and the escapement, the constant power escapement compensates for the gradual reduction of the energy of the spring. The constant torque of the constant power device gives the escapement a constant torque, thus ensuring that the watch is stable during 42 hours of power storage. Free swing gossamer, such as constant-motion gossamer with the Lange watch factory made, with the cam fixed balance wheel coordination to ensure that the rate of stability.

Zero return device
Originally assembled in the Sax-0-Mat movement in 1997, the zeroing device is now equipped with a clutch consisting of a number of disks in the Richard Lange Jumping Seconds. Its function is to use a high moment of inertia to stabilize the operation of the large second hand, especially during the jump start and stop phase. Clutch can also be reset when the second hand to return to zero when the wheel system.

When the crown is pulled, the complex lever system starts three procedures in an instant: the stop spring is lightly held against the balance wheel, and the clutch disc is separated by the clamp bar, separating the second hand from the wheel train.

Reset the hammer to contact the heart cam, advancing it and the second hand to zero seconds. When the crown back to the original position, the second hand will be re-connected with the wheel, the balance wheel will be lifted fixed, immediately re-swing.

Replica A. Lange & Söhne Richard Lange Jumping Seconds watches
Material: Platinum
Glass: Sapphire
Back: Open
Shape: Round
Diameter: 39.90 mm
Height: 10.60 mm
Lug Width: 20.00 mm
Color: Rhodium
Material: Silver
Indexes: Roman Numerals
Hands: Alpha
Type: Handwound
Brand: A. Lange & Söhne
Caliber: L094.1
Display: Analog
Diameter: 33.60 mm
Jewels: 50
Reserve: 42 h
Frequency: 21600 bph
Time: Hours, Minutes, Jumping Seconds
Additionals: Constant Force Mechanism

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