New replica Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire Watch

The end of the year, but also ready to welcome the moment, especially in 2017 at the beginning of the SIHH. Cartier is naturally no exception, pre-show a complex structure and process of deep Rotonde de Cartier three asked the mysterious double tourbillon, the mysterious hours of hollow watch, as well as a combination of jewelry aesthetics and jewelry, The new movement of Panthère Joueuse Puma watch.

Carry mysterious movement of the Cartier mysterious clock as early as 1912 has come out, and double mystery tourbillon will originate in this classic process. Every 60 seconds, a floating tourbillon as if suspended in the air, fixed escapement sapphire crystal disc is a rotation every 5 minutes. This design placed in Rotonde de Cartier asked three double mystery Tourbillon wrist surface plate, mystery full. Three asked the timekeeping mechanism at 6 o’clock position, its compact hammer can be seen clearly, highlight the Cartier watchmaking symbolic style.

In order to get the most intensity of the three asked the timekeeping sound, Rotonde de Cartier watch as far as possible to produce very light: the case using titanium material, the latch to replace the crown button, and the weight of the watch body and discard the dial at least 50 G. In addition, the movement and a total of four connection points between the case, and the spring between the two additional points to strengthen the shock waves in the three asked the time machine and watch the spread of the effect of the diameter of 45 cm Large case more resonant provides an excellent environment.

The pitch depends on the pitch and the clear quality of the sound. To ensure a harmonious and melodious sound, 9407 MC-type movement spring to B sound when playing a small newspaper sound, to D sound played minutes minutes sound timekeeping. Start three times the timekeeping function, the inertial flywheel at 7 o’clock position began to quiet operation, to ensure that when the sound is clear and pure, will not be mixed with any noise.

The sound can be brought out three times the unique sound of sound, and this depends on the movement of spring shape and material. 9407 MC-type movement is equipped with quenched stainless steel square sound spring, to perform eight overtone.

The sound duration is the duration of the sound, depending on the accuracy of the hammering horn. The square gong is able to control the hammering range of the hammers more precisely. This structure ensures the consistency of every hitting, while the inertia flywheel regulates the speed of hammering, making the time sound stable and pleasant.

Watch equipped with 9407 MC-type movement, composed of 448 parts, the thickness of 11.15 mm. Awarded the “Poinçon de Genève” Geneva high-quality mark, filling Cartier master craftsman’s talent, assembly process and meticulously polish every one of the meticulous parts.

Rotonde de Cartier mysterious hour hollow watch
Cartier for the first time hollow and mysterious movement of the two flagship advanced tabulation process integration, the introduction of new watch masterpiece. Rotonde de Cartier watch and its 9983 MC-type movement to demonstrate the exquisite technology and unique aesthetic Cartier a furnace. This movement between the actual situation outlined the asymmetry of the level of beauty, dual integration of Cartier classic style.

Watch the pointer is not directly connected with the movement, but fixed on a pair of gears with the outer edge of the sapphire crystal discs. The disc drives the pointer to rotate, one of which rotates one revolution per minute and the other rotates one revolution per hour. This watch also uses the hollowing process, and Cartier since the 1930s will be familiar with this classic aesthetics. In 2009, the Roman numerals turned into engraving movement, has since become the Cartier logo design. With this patented technology, Cartier gives the movement read function, so that a memorable hollow movement to be published.

Cartier in the 9983 MC-type movement on the use of unique design, wonderful display of the mysterious movement of precision devices, showing usually hidden in the dial under the movement of the gear. Every detail of the complex movement is at a glance, but at the same time the mysterious device of the unique clever and quietly hidden.

Replica Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire Watch
Model Number
* W1556211
* Material: Titanium
* Diameter: 50 mm
* Back: Sapphire
* Water resistance: 30 m
* Type: Self-winding mechanical
* Power reserve: 80 hours
* Frequency: 21 600 Alt/h
* Hours, Minutes, Seconds
* Material: Leather
* Buckle type: Folding buckle

“Your love” was the most high witnesses – Replica Cartier Watches

Like its name,
Cartier Clé de Cartier watch is like a key to open the heart lock,
In the crown, “click” rotation of the moment,
Time to stop seeing you at the moment.

Her eyes like stars, Cartier watchmaker to capture, turned into a bright diamond, set in the Clé de Cartier dial on top. Diamond is a symbol of love without impurities, after years of sharpening, long-lasting. The unique texture of the leather strap shows you the most unique and irreducible emotions.

When you laugh together, they become each other in the world. You choose the same style of Clé de Cartier watch, like the exchange of vows on the wedding. It seems that it is the other half of the gentle hug, heart told, forever Wen Xi smile. Cartier bold and poetic in the wrist, and write a love chapter.

Golden sun shines on the body, wearing a Clé de Cartier watch the hand looks warm and want to grip. The first scene of hand you remember? Is careful? Or determined to brave? Now you hand through those familiar or unfamiliar place, the other hand, the temperature of the palm has long been part of your body. Time, across the memory, to record those wiping away the companion moment.

Clé de Cartier couples witnessed each other’s loyalty oath: from love to enter the marriage hall, from passion to affection, from innocent years to grow old together, the world’s most precious time to spend with each other. Entangled, bright, every day, every minute, every second is stubbornly persists, in this life unswervingly.

Time dance in the leisurely dance. Like the ending of the fairy tale, the princess and the prince live happily together, with the good wishes of the Clé de Cartier spread from generation to generation, exhausted all give each other the most solemn commitment.

Replica Cartier Tank Solo Large Quartz Couples Watch
Model number: W5200003
Case material: Stainless steel
Case diameter: 26 millimeters
Case Thickness: 6 millimeters
Band Material: Crocodile leather
Band width: 18 millimeters
Dial color: Silver
Bezel material: Fixed Stainless Steel
Item weight: 1.44 Ounces
Movement: Swiss quartz
Water resistant depth: 30 Meters

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