2017 SIHH Published in advance – Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre watches

Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre à Sphérotourbillon Watch
First to say is that this gives a new look and feel of Jaeger Le Coultre Duometre series Spherotourbillon magnetite gray watch. Its case is made of 18k rose gold material, size is 42mm, dark gray disk exudes an attractive, just look at the appearance of it to know that this is a complex process models. The operation of time is regulated by an excellent mechanical mechanism called spherotourbillon, which is a multi-axis auxiliary correction device intended to counteract the adverse effects of gravity in a more efficient manner than the traditional Single-axis tourbillon is better. The outer cage rotates about the axis of the cage, and the tourbillon mechanism of the inner layer is tilted by 20 ° depending on the second axis. The combination of these two distinct fast rotation mechanisms provides for the adverse effects of gravity A better compensation. Another point is that the small second hand can be reset by resetting the zero-return principle, just press the button located at 2 o’clock.

This table’s disk design is also very interesting, based on flat-panel printing process dial, retrograde date disk is surrounded by 6-bit for the small seconds, 12 points is the second time zone display disk. As a result of the wings of the structure, we can see the dial up and down there is a separate power reserve instruction module. Its movement is fully equipped with the traditional high-level watch polished, with Jaeger-LeCoultre iconic côtes soleillées pattern, each part of the contours are very clear, the overall look very mechanical beauty.
Replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre Quantième Lunaire Watch
This Jaeger-LeCoultre Chronograph Duometre series is a very meaningful paragraph, its sole purpose is to maximize the chronograph to improve the accuracy. As we all know, when the timing function of the watch when activated, will inevitably affect the rest of the watch gear train and adjust the mechanism of the stable operation. This is why Jaeger-LeCoultre introduced the meaning of this table, the watch time display module gear box and winding box with the timing module gear box and winding box is placed alone, so the function of its dial Sub – regional. 10:00 on the dial as a time display, through the rose gold to create a pointer and a material with the central second hand to indicate. Timing features include: 2-point 60 minutes and 12-hour time disk, a central second hand, and 6 o’clock foudroyante femtosecond. Finally, in the dial below the two hollow areas, there are two power reserve instructions module.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre Quantième Lunaire Watch
As the name indicates, the watch has a Quantième and Lunaire display. With the chronograph, this watch in the dial structure is also very clear design, time display and full calendar months to the respective function of the camp: 2:00 position of the disk as a time display, and 10:00 The date loop and the moon phase display window blend together. 6 o’clock is still the same with the chronograph watch foudroyante femtosecond, and the same dual power reserve display.

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