Replica Piaget Altiplano Automatic Silver Dial Brown Leather Mens Watch

In 1957, the count launched a super-thin watch subversion watch sector, re-interpretation of the definition of elegance. An unprecedented thin case, combined with simple dial, elegant and subtle achievements of the shape. Generation of legendary watches turned out, soon joined the watch industry in the palace-class status. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the birth of this watch industry, Piaget Piaget presents a 2017 Piaget Altiplano limited edition watch series, the reproduction of extraordinary excellence contemporary masterpiece.

Exceptional aesthetic standards
Count Piaget two revolutionary movement, focus on showing its ultra-thin fashion taste, the creation of a new vocabulary of watch design. Especially when the brand announced the focus of research will be precious materials: gold and platinum used in tabulation process, but will lead to another new level of ultra-thin design. Creativity and unlimited under the dial case, slim movement lines chic neat, highlighting the count unique style. Piaget Piaget watch ultra-thin watch the watch industry symbolizes the culmination of the classic craft, embodies the distinctive harmony ratio, flawless appearance of pure elegance of low-key simple and elegant temperament. Continuation of a large dial case exquisite aesthetics, embodies the eternal simplicity and elegance. Single, two-lane time scale alternately, slender lines, particularly low-key charming. Slender Barton pointer time scale reciprocating march, echoing low-key subtle aesthetics. Earl ultra-thin watch to perfect ergonomic design known, instantly revealing intoxicating charm, the pursuit of simple style and content of the celebrities competing to follow, by the early 1960s, French stars and trend models Alain Delon and brand new global brand ambassador Ryan Ryan Reynolds Wear, perfect interpretation of the elegance of the watch temperament.

Earl ultra-thin watch shape despite the extreme simplicity, but cleverly hidden superb watchmaking process, including the Geneva Geneva corrugated ornamentation, chamfer table bridge, ring corrugated main plywood and blue steel screws. From the initial R & D to polishing, Altiplano watch each production process are in the senior system workshop. The workshop brings together a number of watchmaking craftsmanship to ensure the continuation of the count’s remarkable tradition.

Ultra-thin watch the elegant declaration
In the 1960s, the count of ultra-thin series to “the watch of the international elite” as advertising slogans. Since then for decades, the series with the times, perfect. In the pop culture popular, will be rendered in the hard ruby dial, tiger eye stone, lapis lazuli, coral, malachite, onyx and emerald colorful colors. Platinum and gold bezel and lugs, with exquisite “Clous de Paris” Paris nail pattern or diamond embellishment pattern. Whether it is wearing a double-breasted suit in the 1970s, the twist dice into the briefcase, the passenger plane from New York’s commercial talent; or abandon the exaggeration of the new generation of gentlemen, Piaget ultra-thin watches are indispensable accessories .

Piaget Altiplano named from the towering Andes, stretches of endless mountain scenery, the perfect echo of the natural beauty of the watch for the ultimate pursuit of aesthetics of the new generation of subtle elegance plated temperament.

Piaget Altiplano is a low-key and elegant style, driving the pursuit of ultimate aesthetics, vividly depicting the face of the early 21st century. Hollow design to display light magic, watch components of the Loudiao process to the extreme. The series of bold launch Piaget Altiplano Double Jeu double watch case, the implementation of full of interesting style, a change of time to show the traditional design of the two, into the double case shape. Altiplano series of continuous transformation, adding a wealth of technical elements, including calendar and chronograph function, but without losing the classic slim shape and elegance. In 2014, to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the creation of Piaget, the brand presented Piaget Altiplano 900P, once again shocked ultra-thin watch industry. The new watch will be case and movement integration, showing unparalleled innovative style. Inverted movement design table bridge and gear components presented on the dial, blooming unique, fascinating fascinating charm. Watch with a single plywood to support hanging hair springs barrel, bringing 48 hours power reserve, it is admired endless. Piaget Altiplano 900P watch suitable for any style of dress, with a buttonhole decorated with lapels two button custom attire suits, or cashmere sweaters and light shoes to create a casual style, a millennium watch industry Classic image. Piaget Altiplano 900D launched in 2016, but also studded with bright diamonds, the count Altiplano 900D movement contrast which shows the count is only one of the outstanding technology and elegant fashion, is the perfect crystallization of the two.

In 2017, Piaget Altiplano celebrates its 60th anniversary
Piaget Altiplano has enjoyed a high reputation for its elegance. Coincides with the 60th anniversary of the launch of the watch, the count launched a stylish atmosphere of the limited edition series, so that the pursuit of the concept of innovative men and women love the trend.

Piaget Altiplano new anniversary series, light colorful life. This series of epoch-making design, open a new horizon, dedicated to the aesthetic into the modern life of celebrities. Extreme elegance of the aesthetic characteristics, to get rid of all the flamboyant elements, a remarkable symbol of excellence for the brand, for later generations respected.

The new Piaget Altiplano self-winding and hand-wound watch, based on the aesthetic style of the Piaget’s first ultra-thin wristwatch, fully demonstrates the brand’s creativity, meeting contemporary needs and reshaping the classic. Both dials are unique Earl Gray – a deep blue and midnight blue between the deep color, lined with radial radial sculpture, retro elegant and stylish. At the same time, the low-key blue cross pattern from the collection of Piaget collection, with the classic platinum time-scale and slender Barton pointer echo, creating a charming visual effects.

Automatic winding watch diameter of 43 mm, highlighting Piaget Altiplano perfect harmonious lines. Piaget printed on the first ultra-thin watch on the “Piaget Automatique” words updated to implicit “A” reflects the historical heritage. Earl watchmakers to watch this ultra-thin watch to pay tribute, specially equipped with 1200P movement, a fourth-generation ultra-thin self-winding movement, the thickness of only 2.35 mm. The movement experienced a full three years of research and development process, hardened into a masterpiece of extraordinary fashion, and in 2010 12P legend movement 50 anniversary of the launch, it is the past and present bridge, but also to the brand rich tabulation history pay tribute. Inlaid with sapphire crystal in 18K white gold case, you can appreciate the uncompromising craftsmanship, such as bevelled bridge with ring Geneva corrugated ornament, ring corrugated main plywood, satin polished steel components and blue steel screws. The self-winding style uses the classic movement of the eccentric micro-automatic put Tuo, carrying engraved count of the gold medal of the statue put Tuo.

The new Piaget Altiplano 38mm model, with a 2.1mm thick 430P movement, is the second-generation manual winding movement, designed, developed, manufactured and assembled by the Piaget watchmaker, which continues the legend of the 9P movement. 9P movement in 1957 cut a striking figure, with its superior design and structure of the world famous, 430P movement has the same as the former stunning beauty and accuracy and widely acclaimed, established the count in the pursuit of the ultimate slim tab industry leader Of the professional and technical.

The new Piaget Altiplano self-winding 43 mm and hand-wound 38 mm wristwatch, with simple design and classic aesthetics create a stylish and elegant taste, breaking the inherent style type. The launch of the two models marks the 60th anniversary of the brand officially kicked off, more exciting event and the new models will debut in succession to celebrate the Piaget Altiplano series constantly with the excellent quality.

Replica Piaget Altiplano Automatic Silver Dial Brown Leather Mens Watch
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Piaget
#Part Number – G0A42105
#Item Shape – Round
#Display Type – Analog
#Case diameter – 43 millimeters
#Case Thickness – 5.25
#Band Material – Leather
#Dial color – Silver
#Bezel material – Fixed 18kt Rose Gold
#Item weight – 15.84 Ounces
#Movement – Automatic


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