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Today, coral reefs face a huge threat. According to reports, the world has 1/4 of the coral reef ecosystem, due to coral bleaching, overfishing and unrestrained tourism, was difficult to repair damage; more than 2/3 of the coral in the extreme endangered.
Immediately protected, too late Oris and Coral Restoration Foundation to launch an antique coral limited edition diving watch.

The International Coral Restoration Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation and reconstruction of coral reef ecosystems, is headquartered in Florida, USA. The Foundation believes that each person’s efforts will lead to positive ecological improvements, members through the dissemination of marine environmental knowledge and organization of volunteer activities, called for more people to participate in coral protection work.
The Coral Repair Foundation is changing the fate of the oceans through its own efforts. In 2015 alone, the Foundation organized volunteers to plant 22,502 corals and plans to plant 40,000 new corals for the original coral reefs in the future. In addition, the Foundation has also founded 72 professional diving courses, in addition to teaching diving skills, the more inspired students to pay practical action for marine protection.

Antlers Coral limited edition watch design prototype, is Oris in 2017 to re-create the Aquis series, design and professional degree both. The second hand, the calendar calendar and the starting scale of the diving bezel with eye-catching orange, with a dark blue dial, restore the wonderful colors of antlers coral. At the same time, orange or the naked eye in the low light water is the most easy to identify the color, used in the diving watch and then fit.
Watch the calendar calendar shows very unique: the middle of the dial hollow out of a circle 7 weeks window, the day the window will be filled with orange; calendar is located in the dial 6 o’clock position, the scale is also orange.
As with other Aquis series diving watches, the antlers Coral Limited Edition is driven by a Swiss self-winding mechanical movement and fitted with a rugged ceramic diving bezel. 43.5mm case made of stainless steel, waterproof performance of 300 meters. Screwed into the back cover engraved with corners coral pattern and watch limited number.
“We will be unswerving in the marine ecology.” Oris global president Ulrich W. Herzog said, “Oris manufacturing professional diving watch time has been 50 years, in this long time, we have a lot of public welfare Today, Oris is honored to work with the International Coral Restoration Foundation, and we have gained a lot from the coral reforestation project that we have spared no effort on marine conservation. Oris hopes to pass the Coral Coral Limited Edition Watch, so that more people understand the threat of coral reef ecosystem, called on everyone to take action.

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