Replica Tissot Quickster NBA & Replica Tissot T-Touch Solar

Although the city is still dark reinforced concrete and cold fighting, but the long winter will eventually leave, we are about to embrace a new cluster and the colorful spring. Is now, the long-accumulated vitality ignited, the release of the dynamic are spring. Tissot Watch Replica Tissot Quickster NBA Teams Chronograph Watch and Replica Tissot T-Touch Expert Titanium Swiss Solar Quartz Watch, play in the wrist color, doomed vitality of the season brings a different kind of surprise.

Replica Tissot Quickster NBA Teams Chronograph Watch
2016 NBA Christmas war officially kicked off, not only the midnight pumpkin carriage, there are once again open the century war. This time, if you want to integrate into this fascinating atmosphere of the carnival, Tissot series of special models to help you easily into the forefront of the trend. Tissot series of exceptional sports watches, style, simple and dynamic and generous style, ingenuity according to the team’s main colors for the color hit with the display on the Nato strap on the team’s logo is printed on the table Shell at the bottom, very sincere and innovative design not only to meet the hearts of fans for many years of basketball complex, it is hot trend of a single product.

Cavaliers and the Warriors shaking reversal gives Christmas war a surprise opening, the game has the outcome, but the strong posture is indelible. Tissot special series of models and the Cavaliers special section of the watch are carrying a full team mark, whether it is the case at the bottom of the team exclusive Logo, or hit the color of the iconic strap, let these two A special watch symbolizes the glory of the strong.

Tissot Czech Republic series of NBA Heat special strap strap color heat full, like Miami, people at first sight of the sun. A touch of white decorated with simple dial, with a dial outside the circle of black digital logo, sports breath naturally.

Tissot when the NBA Lakers series of special models with warm colors highlight the team spirit. Straight pointer will exercise the image of the fortitude and courage to be the expression of the unique combination of tough strap color of the team, help you every challenge in the future.

Tissot special series of NBA special models in the visual full of new ideas, not only the hearts of the fans a great badge, itself is a must-have items filled with the trend of the elements. In the coming spring, to wrist to add a touch of bright, about a passionate basketball, is it not a wonderful one?

Replica Tissot T-Touch Expert Titanium Swiss Solar Quartz Watch
Spring is snow-capped mountains into the first water purification, is singing a pleasant song of the stream, the clouds scattered to gather to talk to mind. This time, you are not already on the way to explore and witness? Break through the limit, to explore the unknown is the expectations of many young people on life, when you move toward the unknown, there is a firm heart is not enough, you also need a guide to give you a friend, and Tissot Teng series solar watch Will be able to meet your mind.

The wristwatch cleverly navigates with you, allowing you to enjoy the fun of pitching. It is a day and night to learn solar energy for the watch charging, precise timing, giving the watch a steady stream of power life. Touch screen technology, touch can be achieved between the weather, altimeter, compass, fixed target tracking and more than 20 features, to provide you with direction, weather forecasts, sports data, at any time to meet the needs of a variety of outdoor sports. In addition, the pointer and the scale on the Super-LumiNova environmental protection comes with intimate night vision function, the night can no longer be an obstacle to your communication with the time. Men watch the bottom of the case of NBA Logo once again to meet the aspirations of fans in the hearts of hearts, such a medal with the NBA’s “smart” watch must be an indispensable friend you explore the road.

Replica Tissot Quickster NBA Teams Chronograph Watch T095.417.17.037.13
Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Tissot
Part Number – T095.417.17.037.13
Item Shape – Round
Display Type – Analog
Case diameter – 42 millimeters
Case Thickness – 11.52
Band Material – Red Blue and Yellow Canvas
Dial color – Silver
Bezel material – Fixed
Calendar – Date display
Item weight – 15.84 Ounces
Movement – Quartz
Water resistant depth – 100 Meters

Replica Tissot T-Touch Expert Titanium Swiss Solar Quartz Watch T091.420.46.051.01
– Titanium Case and Clasp
– Black Dial
– Black Luminous Hour & Minute Hands
– Black Luminous Line Hour Markers
– Sapphire Crystals
– Functions Display Window Above 6:00 Position
– T Touch Functions: – Barometer – Altimeter – Chronograph – Compass – Alarm – Thermometer – Day – Date – Time
– Touch Crystal to Activate Functions
– Rotating Bezel with North / east / south & West Markers
– Water Resistant
– Swiss Solar Movement
– Gray Fabric Strap Push Button Fold Over Clasp
– Model # T091.420.46.051.01
– Case Diameter 45 mm
– Case Thickness 13mm
– Strap Width 21mm
– SKU # 6641410637
– UPC 758499246392

Replica Seiko Presage Automatic 60th Anniversary Edition SARW027 Watches

Seiko watch industry is integrated in the watch aspects of a very complete integration of the brand, from the movement to the case by their own build, even for quartz watches used in the quartz crystal growth process, the brand also has The corresponding process to fine-tune their processes. Seiko watch brand, as mentioned in the previous article, as its highly targeted series of watches, from entry-level Seiko 5 series to the top level of your Duo series, no matter what the price level, brand With the existence of the match, and many styles. But in 2016 for the brand in terms of some special, because this year is the brand’s first self-winding movement after the birth of the 60th anniversary. To commemorate this glorious journey, Seiko introduced a new Presage series 60th anniversary limited edition SARW027 watch.

Perhaps some table fans for the Presage this series a little strange, SSA303J1 calendar in the previous calendar of this article in the text of the subject of the subject of a series, Seiko positioning of the series range between the price of the people close to the Seiko 5 series and the luxurious texture of the Grand Seiko series between the middle reaches of the level, and build the purpose of this series is Seiko hopes to make the world more fans a deeper understanding of the Japanese watchmaking culture. Yes, Presage series of watches from the inside out are purely made in Japan, for example, earlier this year, Seiko released automatic chronograph watch SRQ019 and SRQ021, these two limited edition chronograph are equipped with enamel and lacquer To create the disk, and the prices are very close to the people.

This Presage Series 60 anniversary limited edition watch design and Seiko in 1956 launched the first self-winding watch has many things in common, bear the brunt of the gold material is the time scale and pointer, very attractive Attention. The same design elements as the 1956 are the same ivory color of the disk and the power reserve indicator function, but the difference is that the new Presage Series 60 anniversary limited edition watch will move storage instructions module, from the first 12-bit mobile To today’s 9 o’clock position. Another difference is that the new table at 6 o’clock also set a date display disk, through the pointer to indicate, although the number is not symmetrical, although the reading is not easy …

This Presage 60th Anniversary limited edition SARW027 watch case size size of 40.5mm, waterproof capacity of 10 bar / 100 meters, in its crown is also engraved with the old style on the “serpentine S logo.” The watch is equipped with internal brand is Cal.6R27 self-winding movement, can provide 45 hours of power reserve time, through the sapphire crystal through the bottom of the back, the wearer can more intuitive observation of its overall structure. In fact, right, to be honest, in addition to the more prominent gold swing Tuo, there is no other too many other highlights of the process can be seen, because in large part, this movement is made by the machine polished .


Replica Seiko Presage Automatic 60th Anniversary Edition SARW027 Watches
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Seiko Watches
#Model number – SARW027
#Part Number – SARW027
#Item Shape – Round
#Dial window material type – Hardlex
#Display Type – Analog
#Clasp – Deployment Clasp
#Case material – Stainless steel
#Case diameter – 41 millimeters
#Case Thickness – 11.4 millimeters
#Band Material – Stainless steel
#Band length – Men’s Standard
#Band width – 20
#Band Color – Metallic
#Dial color – Silver
#Calendar – Day and date
#Special features – Automatic (with manual winding)
#Movement – Japanese automatic
#Water resistant depth – 100 Meters

Replica IWC Portugieser Annual Calendar Watch

IWC countries in recent years to transform a series, the Portuguese series in 2015 is 75 years of birth, so this turn to launch a new Portuguese series of watches, including the calendar date digital watch, manual winding power reserve watch, As well as IWC brand history for the first time introduced the calendar this complex function — the World Portuguese calendar watch, this is the SIHH watch the most watched new watch million.

Glossary: Almanac
The so-called calendar, is able to indicate the date, week, month, and can automatically distinguish the size of the month, only the end of February each year need to manually adjust the calendar. Function and the calendar is the difference between the leap year can not distinguish between the year, that is, in February can not distinguish between 29 days or 28 days; calendar function is living in the calendar calendar and calendar calendar between the two functions.

You may not believe it, as early as 1889 Patek Philippe perpetual calendar pocket watch to obtain a patent, but the history of the calendar less than 20 years! 1997 Basel Watch Fair, Patek Philippe introduced the world’s first calendar watch – 5035, with 315SC automatic movement. After 5,035 in 2005 replaced by 5146.

Let us return to the IWC, the Portuguese series as the IWC pearl, has been a variety of complex features of the platform: from automatic winding watch, chronograph, calendar table, to the famous Siderale Scafusia ‘Zhuoju’. But not the calendar, not only the Portuguese series did not have calendar, the nations other series also did not have the calendar.

Today, after five years of research and development, IWC has finally launched its first annual calendar watch – the Portuguese calendar 5035, a few years ago launched a new marine series, the new wave Fino series, the new Da Vinci Series, all without exception in the appearance of a reborn change, a lot of controversy, it was annoying people tired of the economy to the good, the cake is increasing day by day, controversial is a good thing; now, the global economy is a mess, reflected in the watch , The design tends to conservative nostalgia, and first look at the tight bowl of Pork does not lose Caixing, this year’s new Portuguese series is also true: its huge 44.2 mm case, groove-type bezel, the classic track scale, Leaf-shaped slim hands and almost no change in the Arabic numerals of the time scale, very very similar to the 1939 prototype Portugieser, become worthy of the name of the design totem.

Portuguese calendar 5035 thickness is not small, 15.3 mm, which naturally can not be called ultra-thin watch, but the Portuguese series has always been a big man, 5035 is the new Portuguese automatic watch module from the calendar module, you know Portugal has 14.5 mm automatic watch, and fair to say that this prototype size is almost 1939. IWC with a new round arched sapphire crystal table, so you can reduce the thickness of the shell to reduce the oppression of the wrist, in addition, the width of the bezel also reduced to the extreme with its concave arc, the front seems to only seem Dial, so the visual effect will feel smaller, short and fast lug table, the root strap to do the arc design, make the watch to wear more fit wrist.

Basic layout similar to the Portuguese automatic watch symmetrical layout, 3 o’clock is 7 days power indicator, 9 o’clock position is a small second hand, willow-shaped hands, Arabic numerals, the track pattern is the classic old, the main Change is the calendar; 11:00 to 1:00 direction of the order of the three large fan window, month window, date window, week window. The calendar on black and white is clearly legible, intuitive and clean. The calendar order of the month, day and week is American. It reminds everyone that Florentine Ariosto Jones, founder of IWC, is from the United States! Look carefully, the depth of the calendar disc to be deeper than the two sides, guess the calendar structure or a large calendar ring on the two side of the month disk and the week, followed by a positive movement confirmed this point.

There is a row below the small print ‘ANNUAL CALENDAL’ calendar means, some superfluous feeling, if can be removed, the disk will be more simple and elegant. The original 12 o’clock position of the brand name of the corresponding moved to 6 o’clock, just fill the calendar window on the blank.

There are three variants of the calendar watch, silver-plated disk models IW503501, night blue plate steel IW503502; red gold plated face plate IW503504. They are beautiful, but the dazzling star is steel / blue – the sun-blue dial has a mirror-like quality that can make it look like the midnight or summer sea, depending on the light. This is to induce me to look more lovingly facial glans. And I have been looking forward to future gold / blue or platinum / blue combinations.

Portuguese Calendar 5035 also has an advantage that there is no separate hidden adjustment button, all the calendar adjustments can be completed by a large crown, a great idea.

Visually more complex decorative polish is evident, especially the chamfering of all the edges of the splint. However, from the ratchet ratchet rattling details can be seen, the Geneva stripes and the radiation pattern of sharpness and uniformity of spacing, indicating that this is machine processing. Chamfer chamfer is also true, on the one hand there is no sharp inside angle (which is good at the hands of the machine can not do), on the other hand, no mirror polished chamfer. Of course, such critical is the top brand of grinding process standards, IWC in the luxury watch to do is also quite good.

Calendar module
The dial side of the movement unfortunately no chance to list the real capacity, only the official photo of the brand, there is no specific introduction to the calendar module, but the photo point of view, and PP5035 calendar model should be similar. The introduction of the calendar module operation process is as follows:

The hour wheel propels the date forward wheel. The date advance wheel has two different propulsion indicators, one for the date and month display, and one for the week. When midnight, with the help of the top of the pointer to achieve the date conversion. The display of the month and the setting wheel for adjusting the length of the month are controlled by two pins in the date display panel. The first pin on the display disc pushes the set wheel to rotate one frame. A stylus on the push rod identifies a 30-day month with a deeper incision on the setting wheel, setting a longer switching path for it. As a result, the date of the double conversion of the next day to achieve through the push rod.

Replica IWC Portugieser Annual Calendar Watch
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – IWC
#Model number – IW503502
#Part Number – IW503502
#Item Shape – Round
#Dial window material type – Anti reflective sapphire
#Display Type – Analog
#Clasp – Buckle
#Case material – Stainless Steel
#Case diameter – 44.2 millimeters
#Case Thickness – 15.30
#Band Material – Black Alligator Leather
#Band width – 24 millimeters
#Band Color – Black
#Dial color – Midnight Blue
#Bezel material – Fixed
#Calendar – Perpetual Calendar
#Movement – Automatic
#Water resistant depth – 30 Meters

Replica Longines HydroConquest – L3.340.4.96.6 – Divers Blue Bezel Quartz Watch

Longines watches in the market is very popular, cost-effective is a very important factor, the same level of Swiss brands are generally higher than the price of Longines. Such as diving watch class, most of the mid-range brands have their own diving watch series, such as the Dory series when Hao Li, TAG Heuer dive series, Montblanc old sports diving watch, from the pricing point of view, although some of Longines process or movement Level slightly lower than other brands, but its pricing and market awareness relative to other brands higher, Kang Kasi series was considered the most cost-effective Longines watches, although I think that exaggerated, but also reflects the Longines Comcast in the medium The location of the end user.

L3.641.4.96.6 this diving table is a very typical example, 633 movement originated in the ETA2824-2 movement, accurate and stable travel time, although the movement level is not high, and because diving tables are not thoroughly, so 633 movement Not too much decoration polished, but for consumers, this is a veritable Swiss core. ETA movement in recent years, prices rise, many domestic brands to buy through the ETA movement to imitate, the final performance of the product can not compliment, absolutely not as good quality of origin. In addition to purchase Kang Kasi diving table, I still recommend if you can buy L3.641.4.96.6 this old paragraph or secure choice of old models, the new diving outer ring into the aluminum, the user reflects very easy to scratch, aluminum The outer ring in any case not as good as steel to the operation. The watch also has some people can Tucao place, of course, any watch on the market are worth Tucao place, we said here Tucao is the brand can completely re-price situation for the higher places , L3.641.4.96.6 case and watchband work problems, or even worse than the recent fire of the Seiko dive table prospex SRPA21J1, the case surface is a small polishing surface with a smooth drawing surface – the two rounded transition , The diving outer ring of the tooth groove is also relatively more sophisticated treatment, along with a dual calendar display, each section of the bracelet is a mixed drawing and polished + arc angle. These are the shortcomings of Longines Comcast. But L3.641.4.96.6 of the screw-in crown with two measured bridge, to prevent underwater mistakenly touch, the size of the case is more suitable for the Chinese people the size of the thin wrist.

From the appearance, the blue dial and blue diving outer L3.641.4.96.6 more suitable than the black Longines temperament, after all, diving table non-formal type, do not need black and white, right? Especially in the summer to wear more, with a luminous blue disc is even more eye-catching, looks more dynamic. Overall Longines Kangkasi excellent quality, no big gimmick is no big flaw, belonging to the moderate cost-effective class, recommended to just enter the working-class, highlight the taste without losing sports. If Kang Kasi in the price on the basis of the same can pay more attention to details of the process, I believe will be an important entry-level Swiss diving watch important choice.

Replica Longines HydroConquest – L3.340.4.96.6 – Divers Blue Bezel Quartz Watch
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Longines
#Model number – L3.340.4.96.6
#Part Number – Longines-L33404966
#Item Shape – Round
#Dial window material type – Synthetic sapphire
#Clasp – Fold-Over Clasp with Double Push-Button Safety
#Case material – Stainless steel
#Case diameter – 34 millimeters
#Band Material – Stainless steel
#Dial color – Blue
#Bezel material – Stainless steel
#Bezel function – Diving
#Calendar – Date
#Special features – blue dial
#Movement – Analog quartz
#Water resistant depth – 300 Meters

Replica watches on Christmas and the entire winter

Pure and bright winter, cold wind is about to go, colorful neon lights bustling streets crowded streets, dazzling array of gifts filled with gorgeous dream of the window. Whether they had wanted to pick a dream for their own replica watch, and time as partners, never betray, wrist intermittent life in countless good times. Will turn into epics of the past years, will be a moment into eternal. Choose a special gift dedicated to the most precious of their own, all the warm dreams can be surprised at the moment bloom.

Winter praise modern interpretation of fashion
Design inspiration from the Milan Neo-classical architecture Emanuel II arcade of the United States and Belem Sai Li Collection series commemorative models of ultra-thin men’s replica watch, and baroque art style close integration, perfect interpretation of the traditional Italian architectural style. Ultra-thin design of the Table Smart light, equipped with automatic mechanical movement, bringing light feel. Through the sapphire transparent back, carved engraved movement at a glance. Brown calfskin rolled crocodile pattern strap and watch the body of natural convergence, so that the wearer open-minded attitude to life and meticulous life show the wrist between the taste.

Chic sportsman
On the locomotive leather infinite love of style men, meticulous and strict heart and the appearance of the cool and free and easy fitting, gestures reveal the extraordinary atmosphere. With the Beil Sai Li Collection Collection commemorative models of ultra-thin men replica watch double bezel formed by the perfect arc, to create a purely sophisticated appearance, not only avant-garde chic, more wearer highlights the swim in any occasion of the valiant, for the long Of the winter into a ray of new years of light.

Rigorous and low-key suit style highlights the perfect outline, with a retro elegant watch exudes the breath of winter dress will be the crowning touch. Beilun Sally collection of commemorative models of ultra-thin men’s watch the overall tone warm and elegant, simple case and neat lines to memorable visual enjoyment. Walking in the clarity of the winter, a touch of sun set sway, accompanied by wrist between the shine, refined charm quietly blooming inadvertently.

Interpretation of true charm
Sydney Harbor Bridge suspension cable as the source of inspiration for the US helmsman series watch is always committed to replica watch the beauty and functionality of the perfect combination of practicality. The new helmsman series Explorer multifunction chronograph watch surface diameter of 44 mm, the table body by the strong resistance to a variety of collision PVD stainless steel black-gray case and dial composition, symbolizing the indestructible self-confidence and strength. In addition, the United States to explore the full automatic mechanical watch the original texture, and avant-garde design features are also sought after by many tabulation process enthusiasts.

Tide wave men
To a fashionable dress out travel in the outdoors, as if the heart of the juvenile mind hidden in a mature man under the appearance of both coordination and collision of the charming enough to make the charm of men unstoppable. Swiss beauty of the helmsman series Explorer Quest Chronograph appearance calm and restrained, light and sensitive body table. The depth of the color depth of the embedded phase and the quality of fine sound complement each other, rich matte texture of the case material and calm heavy design style to bring unprecedented security, like the warm winter sun generally bring a long absence, warmth and touch.

Fresh and low-key, highlight the extraordinary taste
Design inspiration from the Royal Albert Hall, London, Bruner series of multi-functional chronograph, the charm of the building and the perfect combination of tabulation process, reflecting the exquisite luxury extraordinary sense. Is undoubtedly a trip to any occasion of the wild must-have items. Equipped with the United States Caliber 60 long kinetic energy storage of automatic mechanical movement, highlighting the vibrant young mind. Dial in the side of the two small dial, eye-catching but not dazzling, coupled with mercerized polished 316L stainless steel case, the overall shape design fully demonstrates the Swiss beauty of the table design philosophy and brand philosophy.

Charm of the goddess
The so-called “work of the most attractive men.” Confident and calm low-key men, at work or meetings of the occasion, must dress and accessories have a higher appeal. Dressed in elegantly tailored dress and profile-shaped jacket, with an elegant and stylish replica watch embellished slender and slender lines, seemingly clear and light, careful observation will be able to feel the clear calm of the taste. The firm and delicate heart of men will not miss any moment worthy of taste.

Air travel of people
Can achieve a variety of functions and uses a wrist timepiece in different occasions will bring a different fashion inspiration. And as both the trend of travel performance necessities, a practical function into the travel watch, is to bring out the travel avant-garde men’s style tension. The overall tone is fresh and gorgeous, bringing a good mood at the same time, but also for each travel record under a unique experience and unforgettable memories.

Replica Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Vitrail Ceramic 612.CI.0002.LR

2016 has been to the end of the year, recently received a lot of “New Year watch” topic, in which we specially offer you Yu-ship table of the New Year recommended – HUBLOT Big Bang Soul gorgeous watch, I hope to bring you Fortune , Thank you for your continued support.

On the occasion of the New Year 2017, Switzerland’s top watch brand HUBLOT Yu-ship table special selection of the new Big Bang Soul gorgeous watch, eye-catching red to open the charm of the New Year. Stylish chic barrel-shaped case with red and orange and hollow dial, the Art Deco-style glass pane clever interpretation of “fusion of art”, just for the upcoming New Year presents a modern gift.

Hublot Big Bang Soul Gorgeous watch with Big Bang’s soul and Yu-ship table of pure DNA. Watch design is particularly noticeable, bold use of stained glass and divided into 20 dials panes, each O-shaped parts are fixed lenses and to ensure that it will not be thermal expansion, the geometry of the glass pane structure highlights the superb system Table skills. Never fade glass in precision laser cutting can be accurate to microns, even if the passage of time, watch still show bright light color. At the same time, watch equipped with Yu-ship table self-produced manual winding movement HUB1573, with 115 hours long power reserve. With red alligator strap alligator, so that the whole watch the red rhyme color integration for the wearer to add vitality.

Replica Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Vitrail Ceramic 612.CI.0002.LR
Housing material – Ceramic
Case Diameter – 45 mm
Hull shape – rectangular
Glass – Sapphire
Caliber type – Mechanics
Functions – hours, minutes
Bracelet – Crocodile leather strap
Band Color – Red
Clasp – folding
Water Resistant – 100m.

Replica Piaget Altiplano Automatic Silver Dial Brown Leather Mens Watch

In 1957, the count launched a super-thin watch subversion watch sector, re-interpretation of the definition of elegance. An unprecedented thin case, combined with simple dial, elegant and subtle achievements of the shape. Generation of legendary watches turned out, soon joined the watch industry in the palace-class status. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the birth of this watch industry, Piaget Piaget presents a 2017 Piaget Altiplano limited edition watch series, the reproduction of extraordinary excellence contemporary masterpiece.

Exceptional aesthetic standards
Count Piaget two revolutionary movement, focus on showing its ultra-thin fashion taste, the creation of a new vocabulary of watch design. Especially when the brand announced the focus of research will be precious materials: gold and platinum used in tabulation process, but will lead to another new level of ultra-thin design. Creativity and unlimited under the dial case, slim movement lines chic neat, highlighting the count unique style. Piaget Piaget watch ultra-thin watch the watch industry symbolizes the culmination of the classic craft, embodies the distinctive harmony ratio, flawless appearance of pure elegance of low-key simple and elegant temperament. Continuation of a large dial case exquisite aesthetics, embodies the eternal simplicity and elegance. Single, two-lane time scale alternately, slender lines, particularly low-key charming. Slender Barton pointer time scale reciprocating march, echoing low-key subtle aesthetics. Earl ultra-thin watch to perfect ergonomic design known, instantly revealing intoxicating charm, the pursuit of simple style and content of the celebrities competing to follow, by the early 1960s, French stars and trend models Alain Delon and brand new global brand ambassador Ryan Ryan Reynolds Wear, perfect interpretation of the elegance of the watch temperament.

Earl ultra-thin watch shape despite the extreme simplicity, but cleverly hidden superb watchmaking process, including the Geneva Geneva corrugated ornamentation, chamfer table bridge, ring corrugated main plywood and blue steel screws. From the initial R & D to polishing, Altiplano watch each production process are in the senior system workshop. The workshop brings together a number of watchmaking craftsmanship to ensure the continuation of the count’s remarkable tradition.

Ultra-thin watch the elegant declaration
In the 1960s, the count of ultra-thin series to “the watch of the international elite” as advertising slogans. Since then for decades, the series with the times, perfect. In the pop culture popular, will be rendered in the hard ruby dial, tiger eye stone, lapis lazuli, coral, malachite, onyx and emerald colorful colors. Platinum and gold bezel and lugs, with exquisite “Clous de Paris” Paris nail pattern or diamond embellishment pattern. Whether it is wearing a double-breasted suit in the 1970s, the twist dice into the briefcase, the passenger plane from New York’s commercial talent; or abandon the exaggeration of the new generation of gentlemen, Piaget ultra-thin watches are indispensable accessories .

Piaget Altiplano named from the towering Andes, stretches of endless mountain scenery, the perfect echo of the natural beauty of the watch for the ultimate pursuit of aesthetics of the new generation of subtle elegance plated temperament.

Piaget Altiplano is a low-key and elegant style, driving the pursuit of ultimate aesthetics, vividly depicting the face of the early 21st century. Hollow design to display light magic, watch components of the Loudiao process to the extreme. The series of bold launch Piaget Altiplano Double Jeu double watch case, the implementation of full of interesting style, a change of time to show the traditional design of the two, into the double case shape. Altiplano series of continuous transformation, adding a wealth of technical elements, including calendar and chronograph function, but without losing the classic slim shape and elegance. In 2014, to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the creation of Piaget, the brand presented Piaget Altiplano 900P, once again shocked ultra-thin watch industry. The new watch will be case and movement integration, showing unparalleled innovative style. Inverted movement design table bridge and gear components presented on the dial, blooming unique, fascinating fascinating charm. Watch with a single plywood to support hanging hair springs barrel, bringing 48 hours power reserve, it is admired endless. Piaget Altiplano 900P watch suitable for any style of dress, with a buttonhole decorated with lapels two button custom attire suits, or cashmere sweaters and light shoes to create a casual style, a millennium watch industry Classic image. Piaget Altiplano 900D launched in 2016, but also studded with bright diamonds, the count Altiplano 900D movement contrast which shows the count is only one of the outstanding technology and elegant fashion, is the perfect crystallization of the two.

In 2017, Piaget Altiplano celebrates its 60th anniversary
Piaget Altiplano has enjoyed a high reputation for its elegance. Coincides with the 60th anniversary of the launch of the watch, the count launched a stylish atmosphere of the limited edition series, so that the pursuit of the concept of innovative men and women love the trend.

Piaget Altiplano new anniversary series, light colorful life. This series of epoch-making design, open a new horizon, dedicated to the aesthetic into the modern life of celebrities. Extreme elegance of the aesthetic characteristics, to get rid of all the flamboyant elements, a remarkable symbol of excellence for the brand, for later generations respected.

The new Piaget Altiplano self-winding and hand-wound watch, based on the aesthetic style of the Piaget’s first ultra-thin wristwatch, fully demonstrates the brand’s creativity, meeting contemporary needs and reshaping the classic. Both dials are unique Earl Gray – a deep blue and midnight blue between the deep color, lined with radial radial sculpture, retro elegant and stylish. At the same time, the low-key blue cross pattern from the collection of Piaget collection, with the classic platinum time-scale and slender Barton pointer echo, creating a charming visual effects.

Automatic winding watch diameter of 43 mm, highlighting Piaget Altiplano perfect harmonious lines. Piaget printed on the first ultra-thin watch on the “Piaget Automatique” words updated to implicit “A” reflects the historical heritage. Earl watchmakers to watch this ultra-thin watch to pay tribute, specially equipped with 1200P movement, a fourth-generation ultra-thin self-winding movement, the thickness of only 2.35 mm. The movement experienced a full three years of research and development process, hardened into a masterpiece of extraordinary fashion, and in 2010 12P legend movement 50 anniversary of the launch, it is the past and present bridge, but also to the brand rich tabulation history pay tribute. Inlaid with sapphire crystal in 18K white gold case, you can appreciate the uncompromising craftsmanship, such as bevelled bridge with ring Geneva corrugated ornament, ring corrugated main plywood, satin polished steel components and blue steel screws. The self-winding style uses the classic movement of the eccentric micro-automatic put Tuo, carrying engraved count of the gold medal of the statue put Tuo.

The new Piaget Altiplano 38mm model, with a 2.1mm thick 430P movement, is the second-generation manual winding movement, designed, developed, manufactured and assembled by the Piaget watchmaker, which continues the legend of the 9P movement. 9P movement in 1957 cut a striking figure, with its superior design and structure of the world famous, 430P movement has the same as the former stunning beauty and accuracy and widely acclaimed, established the count in the pursuit of the ultimate slim tab industry leader Of the professional and technical.

The new Piaget Altiplano self-winding 43 mm and hand-wound 38 mm wristwatch, with simple design and classic aesthetics create a stylish and elegant taste, breaking the inherent style type. The launch of the two models marks the 60th anniversary of the brand officially kicked off, more exciting event and the new models will debut in succession to celebrate the Piaget Altiplano series constantly with the excellent quality.

Replica Piaget Altiplano Automatic Silver Dial Brown Leather Mens Watch
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Piaget
#Part Number – G0A42105
#Item Shape – Round
#Display Type – Analog
#Case diameter – 43 millimeters
#Case Thickness – 5.25
#Band Material – Leather
#Dial color – Silver
#Bezel material – Fixed 18kt Rose Gold
#Item weight – 15.84 Ounces
#Movement – Automatic


Replica Rado Centrix Automatic Ladies Open Heart Watches

Accompanied by Christmas bells, colorful auspicious snow falling quietly; reindeer speeding, jingling bells awakened warm dreams, to bring you unexpected holiday surprise. Crystal snowflakes lit winter winter, passionate chocolate played warmth of joy of the movement. In this love bloom moment, Rado Centrix series of open core watch, accompany you to listen to a “core” jump melody.

High-tech ceramic material with white polished Rado Centrix Series is waving in the winter wizards, for you in this gift season to add a small fortune. Flying snow falling into the wrist between the middle of the watch white high-tech ceramic chain; to the Christmas bell by a touch of glory turned into a rose gold case; 12 bright Wesselton diamond, sparkling in the quiet winter night Infinite light, tell love and joy. The new Centrix Collection Ladies Watch with a unique inverted crescent-shaped dial, so that the lower half of the internal mechanical structure glance, the wearer can clearly appreciate the elegant decoration of the Swiss movement of the sun radiation decoration. 12 o’clock position of the shape of the hollow window, reflecting the automatic mechanical movement, such as heart-like Yue move for the overall shape to add meaning and mystery. Whether it is to express her good feelings, or gentle lady treat yourself a gift, the new Centrix series of open core Ms. watch will be the holiday season intimate surprise.

Appearance of the handsome Rado Centrix series of open-core men’s watches soon after the launch of praise numerous, including chocolate brown hi-tech ceramic models like love placed between your teeth, Her sweet enough to resist the cold winter outside the window. Chic style and rich color passion collision, superb technology and excellent integration process, through the air calm hollow dial, the movement of the movement is clearly visible, romantic and warm. Christmas bell rings, you nest with him in the sofa, looked up between the four eyes, your love for his wrist, the time to love this freeze in this moving Christmas, warm moments, Centrix Series of open-core men’s watch for you to witness.

Replica Rado Centrix Automatic Ladies Open Heart Watches
Movement – Automatic
Size – 33 MM
Material – Stainless steel PVD
Color – Rose gold coloured
Water resistant – 3 bar
Color – Rose gold coloured
Material – High-tech ceramic, Stainless steel PVD
Color – White, rose gold colored

Replica Ulysse Nardin Classico Manufacture 170th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch

Athens table to its two flagship watch series: marine series and Diver diving series, widely known to table fans. Their design inspiration is derived from the ancient maritime astronomical clock, and this is the beginning of the brand’s core business. The watches in these two series have a very unique, highly recognizable design, such as the recent ‘hammer shark dive chronograph’, or more early 2014 navigation observatory watches and so on. However, this does not mean that the brand’s other series of watches there is no sense of existence, on the contrary, for the classical classic warm and elegant watch, Athens still has both the design or technology from the point of view are extremely excellent correspondence Series of styles, such as this only Classico gilt series large fire enamel limited edition watch.

Earlier this year, the Basel Watch Fair, Athens launched a rose gold Classico watch, the design is very traditional, equipped with a brand to build their own movement, a blue and cream two disk surface can be But for the case material rose gold the only setting, it is heartbreaking, because it means that its price to be relatively expensive a lot. But have to say that the gold material and dress table is definitely complement each other, especially in some solemn social occasions, gold or rose gold and other materials not only highlights the use of its precious value, but also against the wearer out of the elegant Style, absolutely can be said to further perfect the dress itself embodies the definition of the watch. On the other hand, its relatively high price is not destined for all table fans prepared, so in order to meet the needs of consumers, this excellent timepieces of fine steel style and elegant. When the value of the creation of the 170th anniversary of the Athens table, the brand launched the limited edition watches, equipped with large fire enamel process to create the disk, simple design, the atmosphere full.

Enamel dial is the perfect definition of advanced tabulation, the reason is very simple, because it requires a skill value max artisans, through a series of cumbersome process and a long time to finally get satisfactory results. The dial of the Classico Gilt Collection is made by the Donzé Cadrans Enamel Factory, an affiliate of the Athens Table Group, which is one of the few workshops to fully understand the complex process of enamel one. The reason why this process is named because it requires a very high temperature plus the use of metal face plate, to make the enamel powder completely melted until the final glass of the enamel. The final product will be like the figure in the white disk in general, it can resist almost all the adverse conditions, to maintain this rounded appearance for decades time.

This Athens Classico gilt series large fire enamel steel wrist watch design clean and fresh, using the Roman numerals time scale, 6 points for the small seconds and calendar display window combination, the bottom also identifies the “Email Grand Feu “. Case size is 40mm, the same proportion of fine lines, the thickness is only 9.60mm, very thin. Lugs and blue crocodile leather strap can be seen at the junction of some originality, their whole is curved in a certain arc. Inside this table is equipped with a brand homemade movement – CAL.UN-320, with hours, minutes, small seconds and date display function. The self-winding movement is the use of silicon hairspring and stop seconds device that can provide 48 hours of power reserve.

Replica Ulysse Nardin Classico Manufacture 170th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Ulysse Nardin
#Model number – 8293-122-2-42
#Item Shape – Round
#Dial window material type – Scratch Resistant Sapphire
#Display Type – Analog
#Clasp – Buckle
#Case material – Stainless Steel
#Case diameter – 40 millimeters
#Case Thickness – 10
#Band Material – Leather
#Band width – 20 millimeters
#Bezel material – Fixed Stainless Steel
#Calendar – Date and moon phase
#Special features – Moonphase Complication in Center of Dial
#Movement – Automatic
#Water resistant depth – 50 Meters

New replica Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire Watch

The end of the year, but also ready to welcome the moment, especially in 2017 at the beginning of the SIHH. Cartier is naturally no exception, pre-show a complex structure and process of deep Rotonde de Cartier three asked the mysterious double tourbillon, the mysterious hours of hollow watch, as well as a combination of jewelry aesthetics and jewelry, The new movement of Panthère Joueuse Puma watch.

Carry mysterious movement of the Cartier mysterious clock as early as 1912 has come out, and double mystery tourbillon will originate in this classic process. Every 60 seconds, a floating tourbillon as if suspended in the air, fixed escapement sapphire crystal disc is a rotation every 5 minutes. This design placed in Rotonde de Cartier asked three double mystery Tourbillon wrist surface plate, mystery full. Three asked the timekeeping mechanism at 6 o’clock position, its compact hammer can be seen clearly, highlight the Cartier watchmaking symbolic style.

In order to get the most intensity of the three asked the timekeeping sound, Rotonde de Cartier watch as far as possible to produce very light: the case using titanium material, the latch to replace the crown button, and the weight of the watch body and discard the dial at least 50 G. In addition, the movement and a total of four connection points between the case, and the spring between the two additional points to strengthen the shock waves in the three asked the time machine and watch the spread of the effect of the diameter of 45 cm Large case more resonant provides an excellent environment.

The pitch depends on the pitch and the clear quality of the sound. To ensure a harmonious and melodious sound, 9407 MC-type movement spring to B sound when playing a small newspaper sound, to D sound played minutes minutes sound timekeeping. Start three times the timekeeping function, the inertial flywheel at 7 o’clock position began to quiet operation, to ensure that when the sound is clear and pure, will not be mixed with any noise.

The sound can be brought out three times the unique sound of sound, and this depends on the movement of spring shape and material. 9407 MC-type movement is equipped with quenched stainless steel square sound spring, to perform eight overtone.

The sound duration is the duration of the sound, depending on the accuracy of the hammering horn. The square gong is able to control the hammering range of the hammers more precisely. This structure ensures the consistency of every hitting, while the inertia flywheel regulates the speed of hammering, making the time sound stable and pleasant.

Watch equipped with 9407 MC-type movement, composed of 448 parts, the thickness of 11.15 mm. Awarded the “Poinçon de Genève” Geneva high-quality mark, filling Cartier master craftsman’s talent, assembly process and meticulously polish every one of the meticulous parts.

Rotonde de Cartier mysterious hour hollow watch
Cartier for the first time hollow and mysterious movement of the two flagship advanced tabulation process integration, the introduction of new watch masterpiece. Rotonde de Cartier watch and its 9983 MC-type movement to demonstrate the exquisite technology and unique aesthetic Cartier a furnace. This movement between the actual situation outlined the asymmetry of the level of beauty, dual integration of Cartier classic style.

Watch the pointer is not directly connected with the movement, but fixed on a pair of gears with the outer edge of the sapphire crystal discs. The disc drives the pointer to rotate, one of which rotates one revolution per minute and the other rotates one revolution per hour. This watch also uses the hollowing process, and Cartier since the 1930s will be familiar with this classic aesthetics. In 2009, the Roman numerals turned into engraving movement, has since become the Cartier logo design. With this patented technology, Cartier gives the movement read function, so that a memorable hollow movement to be published.

Cartier in the 9983 MC-type movement on the use of unique design, wonderful display of the mysterious movement of precision devices, showing usually hidden in the dial under the movement of the gear. Every detail of the complex movement is at a glance, but at the same time the mysterious device of the unique clever and quietly hidden.

Replica Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire Watch
Model Number
* W1556211
* Material: Titanium
* Diameter: 50 mm
* Back: Sapphire
* Water resistance: 30 m
* Type: Self-winding mechanical
* Power reserve: 80 hours
* Frequency: 21 600 Alt/h
* Hours, Minutes, Seconds
* Material: Leather
* Buckle type: Folding buckle

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