Replica Panerai Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic Watches

Luminor Due new case to the 1950s classic Luminor watch as the blueprint, clever redesign, for Panerai history write a new page.

The new Luminor Due series opens a new chapter in Panerai history, witnessing the success of the designers and engineers at Panerai watch factory to overcome the major challenges. LUMINOR DUE loyal to the classic Panerai Luminor watch classic aesthetics, while equipped with contemporary features, some models of the thickness of the case than the original slim up to 40% for enthusiasts to provide brand new interpretation of the iconic watch works.

Luminor 1950 collection of Panerai in the 1930 to 1950 time for the Italian navy development time tool results, and Luminor Due shape is the reference Luminor 1950 case design, each top watchmaking craft connoisseur for design elements are familiar with them , Including a strong pillow-shaped case, a large dial surrounded by a bezel, eye-catching one-piece watch ear, and the use of pressure lever to protect the crown from damage due to accidental impact bridge protection device. All elements are derived from the brand heritage, and a slight change in the design, rich multi-surface use of the watch, the movement style of modeling lines simple hearty, suitable for any occasion to wear, the outstanding design and superb watchmaking technology perfect combination.

Replica Panerai Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic Watches
Luminor Due 3 Days watch equipped with P.1000 manual winding mechanical movement, with three days power reserve function, case thickness of only 10.5 mm. Watch with stainless steel material and equipped with delicate hollow movement of the elegant red gold material style.

The new Luminor Due 3 Days watch case thickness of only 10.5 mm, is the history of the slim Luminor case. Compared to the Luminor 1950 series in the same part of the diameter of the model, the thickness reduction of nearly 40%,  Panerai designers independence. Thickness reduction, natural weight reduction, so that wearer at the same time enjoy the unique personality Panerai watch, and unprecedented new experience. Italian design and Swiss watchmaking process again, and write a new chapter in the history of Panerai, highlighting the brand in the field of international advanced sports watch the unique position.

New Luminor Due 3 Days watch with AISI 316L stainless steel or elegant red gold material style, case diameter of 42 mm, equipped with classic bridge protection device, the pressure lever to protect the crown, each component has been polished . Sapphire crystal surface to show the classic simplicity Panerai dial, dial with digital and stick time scale, 9 o’clock position is equipped with small seconds. Stainless steel material style with a black dial, red gold material style is matched with carbon black dial, two dials are used classic sandwich structure, time shows the ultimate clarity, decorated with satin sun radiating ornamentation.

The new Luminor Due 3 Days watch can be seen through the transparent case back P.1000 manual winding movement. Red gold material style for the first time equipped with P.1000 / 10 exquisite hollow movement, which used to protect the movement and more than half of the area of large grinding sandwich panel carefully exposed, exposing some mechanical devices, including three days of power storage of two Hairspring barrel. Two balance wheel by a dual support device with a fixed splint, safe and stable. Movement is also equipped with special devices, set the time to stop the balance wheel system and the second hand to zero, so that when adjusting the watch to be fully synchronized with the timekeeping device.

Replica Panerai Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic Watches
LUMINOR DUE series watch the first equipped with self-winding mechanical movement models, equipped with eccentric pendulum Tuo fine P.4000 movement, red gold style for the first time using hollow movement.

The new Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic watches for the Luminor Due series with the first self-winding movement of the watch. Using the eccentric type pendulum Tuo P.4000 movement, exquisite extraordinary, from the Panerai in Northchair watch factory manufacturing. Compared to the series of similar Luminor 1950 model, the exquisite structure of the movement and the designer’s outstanding accomplishments, so that the thickness of the case reduced by nearly 40%, both to retain the watch’s rugged and practical function, the design is still unique and outstanding.

Crown of the classic bridge with a high degree of recognition device, the case to AISI 316L stainless steel or red gold casting, red gold style suitable for more formal occasions. Polished polished metal and satin sun radiating ornamentation dial highlights the elegant and stable temperament. Stainless steel dial style selection, red gold style is the use of carbon black dial. Dial design using sandwich-style structure, with a bar-like time-scale and digital display, with 9 o’clock position in the small seconds disk, simple style, perfect interpretation of Panerai style.

The new Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic watch equipped with P.4000 movement, Panerai watch factory developed the most slim automatic movement. The most distinctive movement is the two-way winding of the eccentric swing Tuo, with three days of power reserve of two hairspring barrel to provide power. The balance plywood provides double support, which is more stable than a single cantilever balancing machine board. The watch is also equipped with a device that allows the balance wheel to be paused when the crown is pulled out and the timing is perfectly synchronized.

Red gold style P.4000 movement is more attractive and precious hollow P.4000 / 10 version, 22ct gold decorated Tuo decorated with Paris nail pattern. Table Bridge Zeyi ring frosted and gold-plated engraving embellishment, the use of hollow design, so that most of the movement to make the United States to develop the immediate front. Movement of every detail can be sapphire crystal glass bottom cover appreciation.

Replica Panerai Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic 42mm Watches
Model: PAM00676
Movement: P.1000 manual winding mechanical movement, fully developed by Panerai.
Function: hour, minute, second hand, second hand zero.
Case: 42 mm, AISI 316L polished steel.
Dial: black, sun radiating ornamentation, with a luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers. 9 o’clock position set small seconds.
Power reserve: 72 hours.
Waterproof: 30 meters.

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