Ulysse Nardin and replica Ulysse Nardin watches escort for you ten years

Last year, Rolex has opened the first extended warranty after-sales, worldwide will be extended to 2-year warranty to 5 years. Ulysse Nardin, Switzerland will continue to advanced to the extreme tabulation process, starting from January 2017, Ulysse Nardin will provide mechanical watch 5-year warranty.

Ulysse Nardin, a Swiss watchmaker, pays tribute to its 170 years of innovative craftsmanship in precision mechanical watch making. To continue the road of brand innovation, Ulysse Nardin in the field of advanced watchmaking unprecedented unprecedented initiative, extended warranty for all newly purchased watch to 5 years.

From January 1, 2017, whether it is not love hand diving chronograph series watch, or a classic gilt female form, each produced by the Ulysse Nardin complex mechanical watch, will be Ulysse Nardin5 Year of quality assurance.

Ulysse Nardin is also a pioneer in the use of silicon movement parts, silicon parts to enhance the accuracy and durability of the watch, expressed confidence in the silicon material, Ulysse Nardin silicon parts will be extended warranty period of 10 years.

Buyers only need to purchase Ulysse Nardin watch in the year, Ulysse Nardin official website (ulysse-nardin.com) to register their watch, you can get a 5-year warranty. Ulysse Nardin – in the spirit of innovation and independence through 170 years.

Ulysse Nardin of this approach, but also for the movement of silicon material is introduced for 10 years warranty, for Ulysse Nardin fans, is a great news, Of the major; for the brand, this is more long-term, more strategic vision approach. I think, should soon be the third, fourth, fifth brand so dry.

This is the progress of fashion, which is the progress of watches, so that luxury watches are not as much as before lying in the collection cabinet. Let the watch out of the cabinet, bring out the world, showing the charm of fashion brand-name At the same time, Buzhi Yu maintenance period without table can be worn, it is recommended to buy a replica watches .

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